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Welcome Winter Sunset

NOTE 7/26/09:
UnfortunatelyTripod has decided to no longer support my website on their server as of July 31, 2009. Instead, Tripod has offered me the chance to 'migrate' my website to Webon. However, rather than migrate to another server (again), I have made the decision to suspend my website indefinitely.
I thank everyone I had the opportunity to trade with over the years. I will miss you!
Hello =^..^=
My site began at ivillage back in February 2002 and moved here in March 2005.  I have been trading since 1998 and I have been a member of Garnette's Trader Alert Service for a number of years.
I prefer to trade my coupons for coupons, qualifers or rebates that I am wanting or for stamps. I do not have paypal.
When you email me about a trade, please let me know the following:
~which coupons you want from me & how many - including which inserts the coupons you want are from (ie: 7/15 SS, 8/05 V, etc).
~what coupons you have to offer me in return (including quantity, 
   coupon value and expiration date).
Once we agree on a trade, I will mail my end no later than the next day unless I let you know otherwise.
When I receive your end of the trade I will drop you an email letting you know it has been received and I would appreciate you doing the same when you recieve my end. If I don't hear from you within 2 weeks, I will assume that you have received my end of the trade and will consider our trade complete.
Please take a look around to see what I have. I am always looking to make new trades.
Happy couponing!
May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy.

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